Difference between Centralized Database and Distributed Database

Let us discuss in brief Centralized Database and Distributed Database and their advantages.

The database is a collection of data that are stored in an orderly manner. There are various types of databases that are suitable for different working scenarios. We will discuss two of the important types of databases that is Centralized Database and Distributed Database. These databases are commonly used in different kinds of organizations.

Centralized Database

In a Centralized database, data are located, stored, and maintained in a central location. The centralized location can be accessed through the help of an internet connection like WAN or LAN. Data is maintained and managed in the central repository, so it helps organizations and institutions to establish data standards and it is easier to access and coordinate data. There is also a risk that if a center server fails, entire data will be destroyed and can cause a huge loss. As all the queries have to be passed through a centralized system, it can increase the response time.

Distributed Database

In distributed databases, there is a number of Databases that are spread across the different location. All the databases are managed individually. The communication between databases is done with the help of a network. Examples of distributed databases include Apache Cassandra, Ignite, etc.

Distributed databases can be further divided into Homogeneous Distributed databases and Heterogeneous Distributed databases. Homogeneous Database executes on the same operating system, use the same application process, and carries the same hardware devices where heterogeneous distributed databases system are executed on different operation systems, application procedures and hardware devices.

Distributed databases are more secured in comparison to centralized databases. The distributed databases can easily be accessed from different networks. The distributed database has a better user request and response time as they can be met by local data itself.



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